If you have planned to go with the route 66 trip then you need to know about the guide based on how you have to explore them. This is a very big highway where you will be able to find a lot of things that you haven’t seen before. If you are new to this route then you need to get some of the guidelines so that it will be helpful for you to admire them here are some of the ultimate guide to hiking along the us 66 road you can continue reading to know about them.


On account of hiking spots along route 66, the first thing is you need to know about the complete history of route 66 including the availabilities. It is very important to note down the length of the route and even the current status of the route. You must get an idea about where to start and where to end and what all things that you can do on route 66.

hiking spots

What is route 66?

The route 66 hiking trail will be most memorable for the tourists because this has a lot of history.

  • This highway runs through a lot of places like Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, California, Illinois, and many more.
  • When being compared to the old years this highway has been improved continuously and the parts are changed as they are re-routed. There will be many partitions and Alignments of route 66 that are completely changed.
  • The tourists can now select their starting point in connecting the highway towards route 66.
  • You can find many new things inside 66 including many historical things.

Where does the road start?

This highway of route 66 starts mainly from Chicago. The starting is made confirmed but the ending point of route 66 is always a confusing factor as they keep on changing whenever it is being altered and also they are trickier.

This route 66 crosses 8 states in one single stretch which also contains a lot of things that include mountains come out dessert, metropolitan cities, towns, and even farmland. You can even find some of the landmarks, parks, water parks, landscapes across your path.

Whenever you are starting your trip towards route 66 then you need to get the complete guide to hiking through that area. Only then you will be able to know about a lot of things.