This is generally known as a legendary Rd that every people should experience this route 66 at least once in their lifetime. You will be able to find a lot of towns and also cities available at that particular place which even has a lot of landmarks, restaurants, hotels and many things that you can explore. If you wanted to know about the fascinating towns along route 66 then you can continue reading this article.


If you can find the route 66 towns and cities to explore then the first place that you need to reach is Chicago which has the country’s largest Art Museum. A couple of hotels are also available which contain an extremely different taste.

legendary Rd


This has the best association with route 66 where you will be able to find a lot of art galleries, restaurants, and even many shops that have a line with the former highway. This special road has a lot of history behind it along with the Joplin.


This is built around route 66 and this is said to be the first residential as well as the commercial area that is present in the town. At the same time in Amarillo, you can visit the historical museums.


You can have phone numbers which will be helpful for the callers to know about the complete location and also the history that the location has.

If you find unusual towns along us 66 then try to know about them. This is how you can explore the world. These are quite some of the fascinating towns that are present along route 66. Planning your trip towards route 66 will not be that much easy you need to selectively pick some of the important places which you think will admire you the most.