It is not that you can taste different type of food at one particular place itself but when it comes to route 66 you will be able to find a variety of shops that includes every type of food that you can eat and there will also be some of the new dishes that you haven’t tasted in your life. You will be able to find any number of food places and delicious places you should stop at on route 66 are as follows.

Lou Mitchell’s

This will be at the start of route 66 where will I be of dishes will be available and it is mainly famous for its baking products. There will also be lunch available with a different menu and this is said to be the best place to stop on route 66 for lunch.

Cost drive-in

This is famous for its hot dog and it was first created by husband and wife and later they have brought a lot of branches. This is particularly present in Illinois. They prepare hotdog and place them over a stick and serve it.

road trip for foodies

Waylan’s ku ku burger

This is one of the most important places where you have to visit in Oklahoma. You will taste a different hamburger when being compared to the other shops.

These are quite some of the route 66 road trip for foodies which you can have a try if you have a look at route 66. Experience every test which is available there so that you will get to know about a lot of new things as well as you will be able to explore many. Before you step into the shop get to know about the benefits of the shop and also what dish is famous over there.