There are many creepy stories that you can find mainly in route 66. This route 66 in other terms said to be the legendary highway where you will be able to see a collection of many things that you can explore. You can check out the following lists if you wanted to find the best creepy stories based on route 66. The creepy legends of america’s main street are as follows have a look at them to know about many new things.

Zombie pathway

The main creepy places of route 66 are the zombie pathway where you will be able to find a lot of ghosts. This road is paved at some places but now it is being declared as you cannot pass by the road using an automobile. There are a lot of stories hidden inside this mysterious old zombie road.

An empty stretch of highway

  • This special kind of route 66 is generally a long stretch of a road that is mainly familiar for the ghost stories and many encounters that have been happened in that particular place most scarily.
  • Many real-life stories are present inside it cool have caught over thereby even a flaming car.
  • Generally, route 66 is important to american folklore because there you will be able to find many paranormal things and also some of the important things that you have to know about in your life.

american folklore

  • Tourists will get attracted towards route 66 because you can find a lot of things and get many ideas about the older generation.

These are quite some of the creepy legend please that is present in America mainly in route 66. Visit these places if you go there so that you will be able to experience the stories and believe them.