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Projects of the CART66 Preservation Foundation

Raising the positive visibility of Route 66 among a variety of audiences, including the general public, is essential to creating a supportive environment for future preservation, education and fundraising activities. A well-planned and informed marketing and communications plan has been developed right now by the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation. This plan includes:


A comprehensive marketing/communications effort

The plan includes a broad range of marketing and communications activities such as traditional press releases and a newsletter, as well as special events that provide a connection to audiences with an identified interest in the roadway. Implementation of this plan will be left to a sub-committee of the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation Board of Directors. See below for a brief description of our current projects for 2003:

Future Projects of the CART66PF

There are many new projects planned in the next few years for the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation. Among some of the most exciting are:
  • Development of a Web Assessable Interactive map of California's Route 66

  • Work with various Route 66 communities to establish priorities for preservation

  • Develop a resource database for all preservation activities and resources for California's Route 66

  • Continue to raise the level of Route 66 awareness at the government, business and public level

A comprehensive preservation plan  –

Preservation activities aimed at restoring and preserving Route 66 are included in a comprehensive plan that identifies specific needs, sets priorities, and outlines the resources necessary to complete various preservation projects. One of the best success stories of the CART66PF in 2002 was acting as co-founder of the Friends of the Aztec Hotel:

Friends of the Aztec Hotel

One of the most unique Route 66 structures in California can be found in Monrovia. The Aztec Hotel is one of a kind! Originally designed in 1926 by Robert Stacey Judd in the Mayan Revival Style of Architecture it was changed to Aztec because it was felt that people would be more familiar with that culture than the Mayans. The unique and historic Aztec Hotel on an early alignment in Monrovia CA was threatened though. Only with hard work and dedication from its owner Kathy Reese and the support of the CART66PF the Aztec lives again as an important icon of California's Golden Age of the Mother Road.
Kathy, the energetic and committed young owner  was getting little support for its restoration. The city of Monrovia first said they would provide matching funds for a Preservation grant, then they withdrew their offer. The CART66PF along with dedicated preservationists decided to form a group called, "The Friends of the Aztec" to build community support. It worked! There was an excellent press conference that brought out the media, community leaders, Michael Taylor of the NPS Route 66 Corridor Act, the Director of the CA Historic Preservation Office and many other dignitaries. This exposure coupled with a renewed sense of historic preservation all along the Route 66 corridor has assured a bright future for the Aztec Hotel. There is much work left to be done, but we are well on our way.

Aztec Hotel in Monrovia


A comprehensive interpretive/education plan

Using the roadway – as well as various historic and cultural sites along its path – to link current and future generations to this unique American icon can best be accomplished through a detailed plan that identifies interpretive and educational opportunities. This plan includes an exhaustive list of programs and projects that, if implemented, will create a deeper understanding and appreciation for the impact Route 66 has had on contemporary life.


Cayenne Crossing Initiative

No road has more appeal to the American spirit than the legendary Route 66. Groups such as the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation and Porsche Cars North America are spearheading the effort to preserve, protect and promote this historic route for generations to come. Porsche will work with the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation, San Bernardino County and the Bureau of Land Management in Needles, California, to erect informational kiosks along Route 66 that will help identify the road and convey the history of Route 66. Through the Cayenne Crossing Initiative, PCNA and the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation will erect these informational kiosks at three original old Route 66 rest stops between Newberry Springs and Needles.

Porsche of North America

Find out More

1950s Rest Area near Cadiz, California
This old Route 66 Rest Area near Cadiz will live again!


An economic development plan

This plan identifies opportunities to use Route 66 as the catalyst for local economic development, with a special focus on promoting responsible cultural and heritage tourism.

Siberia, California 2001. Gone! This old building was raised in 2003.

Helendale, California

photos courtesy Guy Randall Shadows of Old Rt 66


Check out Al Morrissette's great article on the California Route 66 Preservation Foundation from the Jan 3, 2002 issue of "The Mountaineer Progress"

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